Pilgrim Hills Documentary Set to Film this Summer

April 11, 2017 – (Avon Lake, Ohio) The Ohio Conference U.C.C. and Affirm Camp have partnered with a team of filmmakers from Trinity U.C.C. to produce a documentary centered on the last summer at Pilgrim Hills. The film will capture the last summer from a variety of perspectives while telling the history of Pilgrim Hills and exploring the statePHILLS documentary_poster draft of summer camping in our country today.

Think about this: you drive into camp, you pass through the pines, the memories flood back, you roll down your windows, you smile, you exhale… you are here. For the past 60 years, that turn onto the paved road along those pines has served as a welcome to a humble 375 acres of ground at the corner of Coshocton and Holmes Counties called Pilgrim Hills. For so many, this place has become sacred and holy ground and will always hold a special place in the hearts of thousands.

Earlier this winter the Ohio Conference Board of Directors made the difficult decision to sell Pilgrim Hills and move all our summer camping programs and retreats to Templed Hills beginning 2018.

For the thousands of people who have walked those trails, had an encounter with God, found their best friend in the entire galaxy, fell madly in love, discovered a calling to ministry, laughed until they cried, poured endless amounts of sweat equity into this place, survived thousands of mosquito bites and sang songs until they had no voice, it is sacred ground. Quite possibly the most important ministry Pilgrim Hills accomplished was by simply being… camp.

This summer a team of filmmakers from Trinity U.C.C. in Canton are set to tell the story of our final summer at Pilgrim Hills, to capture the history of this place and embark on the daunting task of sharing just exactly what this place means to so many.

The Ohio Conference appreciates and joins with Affirm Camp in the preparation of a documentary video to celebrate those 60 years that Pilgrim Hills has played a major role in forming faithful relationships with God, creation and others. In order to make this project a reality we need to raise funds. We believe that this is an investment that all of us will be able to cherish for years to come.

Beginning this week Affirm Camp will be leading a fundraising effort to secure the $12,000 needed for this project. They have already secured $2,500 in pledges for the film.

Our hope is that churches, families and individuals who have been shaped or touched by this place will consider donating to this effort. Help us capture the essence of Pilgrim Hills through the history, the beauty, the laughter, the singing and the memories of so many who have shaped and been shaped by this place. We invite you to join us by making a donation through one of the following ways:

  1. Visit ohioucc.org and click on the DONATE tab. Select “Pilgrim Hills Documentary” from the donation designation drop down menu.
  2. Mail a check payable to Ohio Conference U.C.C. with “PH Documentary” noted in the memo line of the check. The mailing addres is 6161 Busch Blvd. Suite #100 Columbus, OH 43229.

We have incentives for donations of every size including:

Any Amount – Update Emails

No matter what amount you give, you will get update emails every other Friday starting June 2nd! These emails will include on-set photos, sneak peeks, advance notice of screenings, and many more! We realize that some of you can’t contribute monetarily to this project. Your prayers are just as important and are so greatly appreciated.

$25 – Special Thanks Credit

With this perk, you get everything above plus your name in the credits under “Special Thanks!”

$50 – DVD Copy

With this perk, you get everything above plus a DVD copy of the movie shipped, for free, to your doorstep!

$100 – 2 Reserved Movie Premiere Tickets

With this perk, you get everything above plus two reserved tickets for the world premiere of the movie! Premiere date and location TBA.

$250 – Free Movie Preview Tickets

With this perk, you get everything above plus unlimited tickets to see an exclusive preview of the movie! Preview dates and locations TBA.

$500 – Preview and Critique

With this perk, you get everything above plus unlimited tickets to see an exclusive preview of the movie! You will also get a chance to fill out your very own critique or survey of the film to give to the creators! You get a chance to make changes in the film! Preview dates and locations TBA.

$750 – Producer Credit

With this perk, you get everything above plus get Producer credit in the film! Your name will be shown at the end of the film, during the credits!

$1000 – Organization Logo Credit

With this perk, you get everything above plus have your organization logo on any promotional material to the film! This includes movie posters, DVD covers, and any marketing material!

$2,000 – Executive Producer Credit

With this perk, you get everything above plus get Executive Producer credit in the film! Your name will be shown at the beginning and end of the film, plus on the movie poster!

To read more about the filmmakers and see a promotional video for the film, please visit www.affirmcamp.org.

We firmly believe that the best days of outdoor ministries and summer camps are yet to come. We believe that as we find ourselves more and more inundated with screens, wifi and technology, that the need for a space and a place to unplug, unwind and connect in ancient, mysterious ways has never been more relevant than today. Celebrating Pilgrim Hills and the ministry it provided for the past 60 years through this film is both an important part of preserving its legacy and moving us toward that future.

Please consider joining us in this effort in memorializing this sacred, beloved ground and all it represents to so many by contributing today. We thank you in advance for your generous support.

For more information or questions regarding the film, please contact Nate Taylor at nate@avonlakeucc.org or 440.503.2549.

Blessings and Happy Camping,

The Affirm Camp Team & Ohio Conference U.C.C.



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